About Us

Raleigh Mine began serving the Mining industry in 1978 with a simple approach: To supply the needs of our customers with a sense of integrity. We began by delivering regular mining tools and supplies with an emphasis on customer service and a commitment to fulfilling our promise. Then two realizations guided the direction of our business.


  1. Customers required many additional services to support their business that extended beyond mining supplies.
  2. We preferred to meet the complete needs of each customer rather than sell a select inventory of products.


To access a wider diversity of products and services, we’ve acquired additional companies that cross the spectrum of mining, commercial and industrial operations. Today we are comprised of 7 independent companies working in collaboration toward the same end: To serve our customers with excellence - whatever the need, wherever the place, whatever the time. Without exception.


Raleigh's professional knowledge and skill in addressing the most extensive industrial challenge is unrivaled. You won’t find the level of service, expertise and access to resources that Raleigh Mine offers anywhere else in the industry.

                              --Brooks Run Coal Company